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What is it?
It is a unique concept being offered by Simon and Margaret Tadrosse from the famous “Bilpin Fruit Bowl”. For a cost of $150 per year (gst included), anyone can adopt a fruit tree. Select from a range of peach or apple trees. Pink Lady Apple Trees are slightly dearer at a cist of $210 per tree(GST Included).
The Tadrosse’s will nurture and care for it throughout the season, prune, spray and fertilise it as required.

Then when it’s harvest time you can enjoy the scenic drive to Bilpin to pick approx 60kg of fresh, ripe, in season, Australian grown fruit from your very own tree.
Who are we?
The Bilpin Fruit Bowl has been a family owned and operated business by the Tadrosse Family for the last 25 years. As well as having the Shop, which is iconic to Bilpin, We also have a 55 acre orchard with fully matured and fully producing peach and apple trees. Our entire family work in the business; our daughters manage the store as well as help to bake delicious goods to sell in the shop. Even our 14 year old son works in the orchard after school and in the holidays.
We are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of locally grown apples and peaches, with approx 10,000 fruit trees; 5,000 Stone Fruit and 5,000 Apple trees. Our orchard consists of a range of white and yellow peach varieties as well as Royal Gala and Red Delicious Apples.
Why you should sign up!

  1. When was the last time you had the opportunity to eat delicious, juicy, ripe fruit straight from the tree? Perfect for the health and budget conscious alike. After a fun filled family day, just a short drive from Sydney, take home fresh in season fruit to share with family and friends.
  2. Looking for a unique way to support a cause? Adopt a Fruit Tree and leave the fruit for Bilpin Fruit Bowl to harvest. We’ll take it to market then donate all the profit to the Children’s Hospital Westmead. Leave 100% of the fruit or just a few kilos, the choice is yours.
  3. Searching for a distinctive gift? This unique concept covers so many experience options. A great day trip opportunity, discover the fun of a harvest, take home delectable fruit and reward your inner foodie and/or offer a charitable hand to the Westmead Children’s Hospital. All in one gift.
  4. Want a fun group experience? Here is something special to do with neighbours, family or friends. Bilpin is only a short drive from Sydney with the bonus being that you take home a treasure of fruit to share. Why not get a group together and Adopt a Fruit Tree
  5. Support our local Australian producers. Like so many other agricultural sectors, the Australian apple and peach industry is now under threat with the government opening the market up to the USA and China as well as NZ. In some instances the imported product will be able to reach our domestic market before our harvest is completed, jeopardizing annual returns and potentially flooding the market. In other instances the risk of foreign pests and use of banned pesticides have far reaching implications for growers and consumers alike. It doesn’t make sense and we’re getting squeezed. Adopt a Fruit Tree is part of our pro-active solution and your opportunity to support an Australian industry.